Squeeze your Tension away with Promotional Stress Balls

Promotional stress balls may sound like a silly idea, but when you think about it, how many of your customers get stressed? At work? At home? When stuck in traffic? Sometimes they just need something to relieve that stress on… this is where, promotional stress balls come into play.

Companies who are looking for promotional merchandise this year can benefit from promotional stress balls. We’ve established that everyone gets stressed every-now-and-again, so just think, if everyone who got stressed picked up a promotional stress ball with your company name or branding on, just how many people would be seeing and subliminally remembering your company.

You can give your promotional stress balls out at promotional events or as part of your promotional campaign. Preparing your promotional campaigns can also be very stressful, so feel free to use the promotional stress balls yourself… it beats lashing out on your staff, which could in turn, improve staff morale.

So how exactly do these little balls relieve stress? Well, all you have to do is squeeze the ball in your most dominate hand (usually the right hand if you’re right handed and left if you’re left handed); your dominate hand is usually the hand which holds the most stress. The stress ball is used to relieve stress and tension in the muscles, particularly in the hand. Stress balls are usually about 7cm in diameter, and your fingers manipulate the ball by squeezing it to ease tension.

Promotional stress balls can be made out of a number of materials, and moulded into a number of shapes… so even though they are commonly called ‘stress balls’ they can also be ‘stress ducks’, ‘stress brains’, ‘stress penguins’, even ‘stress washing machines’.

To give you a bit of history; it’s uncertain as to who first invented the stress ball, however many people believe the Mayan Tribe (a Mexican native tribe), came up with the idea. However theses balls were used for a different purpose; the Mayan Tribe would make several rubber balls, about 20 cm in diameter, and play a ‘deadly game’. This game would consist of passing the ball to and from each other, attempting to reach hoops that were placed up high. The game would end, when the ball touched the ground. When we said it was a ‘deadly game’, we weren’t joking. The winning team would be rewarded with a feast. However the losing team were all killed; although, if the team was lucky, only the leader of the team would be being sacrificed to the gods.

Jumping back to the future; therapists are said to also give stress balls to their patients, to ease muscular pain and physical tension. Therapists have also been known to urging people who suffer from emotional stress, to use stress balls, to ease these feelings.

Giving out promotional stress balls throughout your promotional campaign could keep your customers happy, but what about your staff? If you want your staff to easy their stress out on something other than your customers, try placing a little stress ball on their desks too. And remember, no matter how big or small, a promotional gift is always appreciated!