So many Promotional Key Rings, so little time!

There are so many promotional key rings available making it very important to pick a high quality design in order to get yours noticed.

Promotional key rings are one of the cheapest forms of printed merchandise you can invest in. Not only can they be purchased very cheap, but they are also used by many different types of people.  Key rings also have a very high ‘usage’, every individual, whatever their age, gender, class uses keys on a day to day basis.  Key rings are very popular promotional items as they generally stay with people for a long time.

The average person has about nine keys on their key ring and does not want more key rings than keys, so the design of your key ring needs to be noticed.  The best thing about promotional key rings is that there are so many different designs so you can really suit it to the image you want your business to portray.  The designs can also suit every budget ranging from 13p each to £10.24.   The latter being a digital photo frame key ring which you are going to be more likely purchasing for a business gift rather than a promotion item.

When choosing your design you need to consider the image you want to portray, what is your businesses personality?  Do you want to be seen as corporate or fun? Bright and colourful or useful?  You could even shout about your organisations CSR policy by investing in key rings made from recycled materials.   Every business has a different personality so its important to always portray this in your promotional items.

Promotional key rings act as an advertising tools spreading your brands name through word of mouth.  Even though you are purchasing the items, it is still one of the cheapest forms of advertising as it is a one off cost.  Again this shows how important the design of your key ring is, as people won’t want to talk about or use a key ring which is dull.

You also need to consider the material you use for your promotional key rings.  Plastic may be cheapest but they are easier to break and you need to consider to what extent would that represent your company? You can also choose from metal, leather or even rubber.

When choosing your promotional key rings make sure your design is one that people really want to shout about.