Promotional Items for Sending in the Post

There are a number of promotional items available on today’s market… but the thing you need to ask yourself before purchasing any of them is ‘are they fit for purpose’?

Ask yourself, what do you intend to use your promotional items for and how do you intend on giving them away? There are a number of ways you can hand out promotional items, some choose to do it through the post, some choose to hand them away personally and some hire promotional staff to give away their promotional items.

The way you decide to give away your promotional items will then determine the size, shape and weight you need your promotional items to be. For example if you are planning on giving away your promotional items in the post, you don’t want to hand out big, oddly shaped and heavy items as this will cost you a fortune in postage and packaging. However if you are handing them away in person your promotional items can be as big as you want them to be.

As a guide for sending promotional items in the post, the maximum weight for letters, printed papers and small packets is usually 2kg. Some exceptions and restrictions do apply. Books and pamphlets sent by printed papers have a weight limit of 5kg (Canada 2kg). For the Republic of Ireland the 5kg limit is for books only, not pamphlets.

The following size restrictions apply to Surface Mail.


Minimum size – One surface at least 9cm x 14cm

Maximum size  – Length, width, depth combined: 90cm (Greatest single dimension: 60cm)


Minimum size – Length plus twice diameter: 17cm (Greatest single dimension: 10cm)

Maximum size – Length plus twice diameter: 104cm (Length: 90cm)

Promotional items perfect for sending in the post include:

– Promotional Pens

– Promotional Post it Notes

– Promotional Keyrings

– Promotional Coasters

– Promotional USB’s

Promotional items that are better for giving away in person include:

– Promotional Sports Bottles

– Promotional Mugs

– Promotional Bags

– Promotional Paperweights

– Promotional Umbrellas

– Promotional Drinks

– Promotional Chocolate

There is no right or wrong when it comes to giving away promotional items, whether it’s in the post or in person… as long as you get your brand name out there to the ‘masses’ you’ll be sure to increase your brand awareness in no time.

However when handing out any promotional item you must always consider your target market. Your target market may require you to hand your promotional items to them personally for them to take notice of it. Hiring promotional staff to promote your promotional items maybe required in some cases as professionally trained promotional staff can really give your brand the push it needs. They will be able to give your target audience that little push… then the promotional items will do the rest.

Promotional items have been proven to increase brand awareness a number of times, but make sure you put them to work asap as they’ll be no use to you or the company sitting in the cupboard now will they!