Make Royal Ascot your inspiration with your Promotional Products

It’s that time of year where the Royal Ascot starts and the horse racing season becomes packed, so why not use that as inspiration for your promotional products?

The Official racing season runs throughout the year, with festivals taking place at different times of the year. However the majority of the Ladies Days, Family Days and of course Royal Ascot take place in the Summer months of June, July and August.

Horse racing is a sport with a long history, having started in the Ancient Greeks Olympics back in 648BC. Horse racing competitions differ in each country including chariot racing, flat racing, jump racing and harness racing. In the UK we either use jump racing or flat racing. The sport is also regulated by the British Horse-racing Authority, which means that the horses and riders are prioritised over the sport.

Should you wish to use horse racing as your merchandise inspiration, there are a variety of product your could use. The most relevant promotional merchandise you could buy is the ‘stress horse’. As anyone who has placed bets on the horses will know, horse racing can be a very stressful sport to watch as there is so many horses to choose from in each race with no guarantee that your horse will win. The ‘stress horse’ is designed to release pressure which can be perfect in a stressful situation.

If you want to make a simple statement with your merchandise you could send your clients a ‘horse logo bug’. This item has a soft horses head with a piece of ribbon trailing from it on which you can print your logo or message. This item could be used to simply remind clients about the racing season or just as a cute way of promoting your business.

If you really want to embrace the racing season, you could even hold your own race night during which you could give away many promotional products like pens and key rings. At the end of the evening you could even have an awards ceremony for the biggest winners giving out medals or trophies. There are many different trophies and medals you could choose from on this website.

Whatever you choose to give away this year, there are many events which can be used as your inspiration, horse racing is just one of them. Look through this site for further ideas of relevant and high quality promotional products.