Interested facts that not a lot of people know…about Printed Merchandise!

Still unsure on whether to invest in printed merchandise?  Then you’ve come to the right place! After reading this blog you will have no doubt about the powers of printed merchandise.

The first thing you need to know is that in a recent survey conducted by the British Printed Merchandise Association (BPMA) it was found that 84% of respondents believed that a promotional gift increases brand awareness.  This statistic speaks for itself and shows that whatever the item, printed merchandise is a great form of advertising a brand.

The report also showed that 79% of respondents stated they are more likely to do business with a brand after receiving a gift.  This means it is a great way to attract new customers as it puts an edge over your competitors by putting your brand at the front of their mind.  Not only this but it can also be used to retain existing customers.  This is because a gift shows the customer you care and value their custom.  In addition to this over half of respondents, at 56%, said there opinion was more favourable to a company after receiving a promotional item which again highlights the importance of promotional gifts.

Perhaps the most significant finding of the report was that promotional items have a higher rate of impression than radio advertising and is equal to print advertising.  The only source of advertising which gives a higher ROI is television advertising which we all know costs a lot to do.  The findings in more detail show the cost per impression of radio advertising falls at 0.003 pence.  In comparison the cost of impression for print advertising and promotional merchandise is at 0.005 pence, with television advertising falling at 0.008 pence.  This shows that giving away promotional merchandise is a very cost effective way of advertising as television, print and radio advertising costs so much more.

A further statistic shows that 87% of recipients will keep a promotional item for over 12 months and perhaps even longer depending on the item.  Items which are most likely to be kept over a long period of time include mugs, USB sticks, pens and other electrical items.

The survey shows that not only does promotional items raise awareness of your brand but they are also considered useful to your customers, encouraging them to buy from your business.  No other form of advertising costs so little and is as effective, so it’s time to include printed merchandise in your marketing plan.

For more results from the BPMA survey please see: